Meaningful relationships don’t just materialize; they’re grown.


Grown is an independent, WBE-certified creative agency committed to making work we’re proud of with people we like.

We’re just starting out, but our team has decades of collective experience doing engaging, effective work for brands of all sizes and industries of all kinds.

What’s in a name?
Caroline May
Founder, Copy
Dan Rayfield
Co-founder, Design
Caroline May
Founder, Copy
Dan Rayfield
Co-founder, Art
Terri Mitchell
Onion, Art

Past Clients

Past Clients

We marry ideas and expression to convey stories that connect with people.

We’ve also got a lot of friends, and we collaborate with a large creative network to build bespoke teams for projects demanding services beyond those listed.

Brand Identity
Brand Architecture
Creative Campaigns
Web Design
Immersive Experiences
Stuff Not Yet Attempted

We’re grown.

As you can see, being grown doesn’t mean being serious or stuffy. To us, it means being the kind of people other people can count on. Together we can grow your brand, your reach, and your business.

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